Arch of San Cristoforo

The ancient “contrada” of San Cristoforo features a historically architecturally intriguing building, consisting of two distinct parts. The easternmost part, dating back to the 16ᵗʰ century, is characterised by the imposing portal, the characteristic loggia with stone columns on the noble floor, and stone arches on the ground floor.

The other part consists of a truncated tower-house, of medieval origin, equipped with an arched underpass, on the façade of which is painted a fresco from the 1700s depicting Saint Christopher, towering 5 metres high. Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and carries the Baby Jesus on his shoulders. Indeed, the name itself means “Christ-bearer”, from the Greek Christos + phero (to carry). An inscription, almost entirely faded, reminds us of his protection: “I, who am called Saint Christopher because I carry Christ on my shoulders, send my devotees to the heavenly port.”