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Vaccaro refuge

The Rifugio Vaccaro is located amidst the sun-drenched pastures on the southern slope of Monte Vaccaro at an altitude of 1,517 metres. The Rifugio is generally only open upon request....


Dossana Valley – Red Square – St. Barbara Gallery and Noble Discount

In the Val Dossana, at the foot of the Arera mountain range, connecting to the Valle del Riso and Val Brembana, lie the largest mineral deposits in the Bergamo area,...


Cliff “Corna de Par” – Rock Climbing

Rock exposure to the south with a total of 18 routes. Directions: Access from Via San Bernardino in Ponte Nossa. Take the road to the left of the Maglio Museum...


Vaccaro mountain – mt. 1957 slm

The mountain behind the village is a traditional grazing area with three alpine huts. Situated at the beginning of the ridge that serves as a watershed between Valcanale and the...


Big Bench

Parre also has its very own “Panchina Gigante”, a giant bench from which visitors can admire the beauty of the Val Seriana territory. Inaugurated on Sunday, 28ᵗʰ July 2019, Parre’s...


Leten Peak – mt. 2095 slm

It is located along the mountain ridge that runs from Pizzo Arera, passing through Cima di Valmora, Cima di Leten, Cima del Fop and Monte Secco, reaching Cima Vaccaro. This...


Cossaglio area

The locality of Cossaglio, situated on the meadows of a slope west of the village above the Val Dossana, is mentioned for the first time in a contract from 1224,...


Fop Peak – mt 2322 slm

The mountain has a Dolomite-like appearance at the peak of the Val Dossana, with its northern slopes overlooking Val Canale. It is the second highest peak in the Bergamo Prealps...


Mount Alino

The mountain has a gentle grassy slope dotted with farmhouses as it rises towards Monte Vaccaro to the north and steeply descends towards the Serio River to the south with...


Trevasco mountain – mt. 1496 slm

The mountain located north of the village, with grassy slopes and many farmhouses, culminates in the peak of Sponda (1496 meters) situated between Val de Fontagnù to the east and...


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