Big Bench

Parre also has its very own “Panchina Gigante”, a giant bench from which visitors can admire the beauty of the Val Seriana territory. Inaugurated on Sunday, 28ᵗʰ July 2019, Parre’s Panchina Gigante is the 80ᵗʰ giant bench under the “Big Bench Community Project”. The bench is positioned next to the road leading to Monte Vaccaro, above the Church of Sant’Antonio, easily accessible and reachable from the village on foot in about an hour.

All of this was done in the spirit of the Big Bench Community Project. The benches are designed for relaxation. Unlike a chair or armchair, they are wide enough to accommodate one or more friends. Sitting on a bench is a pleasant social activity and making good use of all the positive energy that the Panchine Gigante emit is the underlying vision of the project.

Chris Bangle provided designs and instructions to the bench builders for free, asking only that they be placed in a panoramic spot, on publicly-accessible land and that they respect the social spirit with which the first bench was created – not as a private installation but as part of a collective experience that everyone can share in and experience. The Panchina Gigante is also part of an itinerant tourism project. Just like the Orobie Passe-Partout, there is also a ‘passport’ for the Big Benches for collecting stamps from various visited Panchine Gigante in Italy. For Parre, you can get your stamp from the InfoPoint Scopri Parre or at the Piccolo Bar.