Cossaglio area

The locality of Cossaglio, situated on the meadows of a slope west of the village above the Val Dossana, is mentioned for the first time in a contract from 1224, referred to as “Sponda de Cosalio”. There is a small group of houses that still maintain a strong rural character. Some of the inhabitants are still engaged in livestock farming, cheese production and cultivation. “Cossai” (or “Cossali”) has been a very common surname in Parre since the 1500s and could be the origin of the name given to the hamlet.

Località Cossaglio

Furthermore, the surname Cossali derives from the term “cos” (pieces of fabric, cloth) and would refer to an artisanal textile activity for blanket and cloak production. Hence also the Bergamo term “Scossal”, meaning apron.