Leten Peak – mt. 2095 slm

It is located along the mountain ridge that runs from Pizzo Arera, passing through Cima di Valmora, Cima di Leten, Cima del Fop and Monte Secco, reaching Cima Vaccaro. This ridge separates the Valle Dossana from Valcanale. The Rifugio Santa Maria in Leten is situated on the western edge of the Nossana Valley basin, dedicated to Luigi Santamaria. A plausible hypothesis is that “Leten” means lead since, in the Middle Ages, this area was involved in mining activities.

Access: To reach the summit, there are two alternatives. The first is to take the path from the locality of Bratte in the municipality of Premolo, passing through the huts of Cà loa, Baita Piazza Manzone, Baita di Sopra and finally the Rifugio Santa Maria in Leten. From there, continuing along the trail, you reach Passo del Re and by following the ridge to the left, you reach the summit. The second alternative is to start from the village of Valcanale and reach Passo del Re.