Church of San Rocco

In the centre of Parre, one of the original nuclei of the village, stands the Church of San Rocco, whose origins date back to the early 1500s. The construction is attributed to the initiative of Pietro from the Belliboni family, who hailed from Casnigo and who was an influential presence in Parre for decades, giving rise to the noble Von Paar family, illustrious representatives of the Imperial Austrian Postal Service for centuries.

Through his bequest, Pietro Belliboni intended to provide for the support of a chaplain and the celebration of Masses by managing the church through the “12 men” of the village. Of particular significance inside the church is the recently-restored 18ᵗʰ-century organ, probably a Bossi from 1773, the 17ᵗʰ-century altarpiece depicting the Madonna in glory with the Child Jesus, Saint Peter, Saint Rocco and Saint Sebastian, along with the 16ᵗʰ-century fresco of the Madonna delle Grazie.