City Hall Square

The building located south of the square, which served as the elementary school of the village from 1886 until the construction of the current school building in Via Duca d’Aosta in the 1970s, now houses the offices of the Municipality of Parre. However, the original seat of the Municipality was for centuries the building located east of the square, now a private residence. Some well-preserved features remain following restoration and renovation works, such as the arches of the small portico, the column and especially, on the side facing Via Palamini, traces of a turret.

In the room located in the upper part of this turret, for centuries, the “credenza” met, which was a restricted council responsible for the well-being of the Municipality. “In villa” and “In vicis et fundis Parre” – these names designate the village in ancient parchments from the 10ᵗʰ century. It was possessed by the Bishop of Bergamo but actually governed by local nobles. In the 1200s, through various “transactions”, Parre became a free municipality and remained so, albeit with some modifications, until 1797.