Parra Oppidum degli Orobi – Antiquarium

The oppidum of Parre is one of the best-investigated sites in the Prealpine Lombardy region. The Antiquarium houses a selection of artefacts from the excavations carried out at the archaeological site of Castello in Parre. Here, the remains of an ancient settlement, referred to in ancient sources as Parra, came to light. The collection consists of pottery, bronze and glass ornaments, stone tools, objects made of bone and horn, as well as coins.

The exhibition path leads to the discovery of the Orobii: people who inhabited this territory during the Iron Age (1ˢᵗ millennium BCE). The artefacts showcase the daily activities that took place in the settlement, artisanal crafts, forms of worship, trade, and exchanges with neighbouring populations, including those of the central Alps and Celtic peoples.


Piazza San Rocco