The Cominelli House, the ‘Cradle’ of the Von Paar Princes

This house, although now transformed following various extensive interventions, was built on the land of Castèl di Rependì, sold by the Municipality of Parre to Ser Mondino, son of Ser Martino Baroni-Belleboni, in 1529. The descendants of Ser Mondino, at that time residing in Austria, reclaimed ownership in 1557. The Baroni-Belleboni family gave rise to the illustrious lineage of the von Paar, whose members went on to hold prestigious positions and titles for their esteemed service in the postal service of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The centuries-old bond between Parre and the von Paar family was recently recognised and celebrated with visits by Prince Alfons, Countess Eleonora and Count Karl in May 2002, along with Prince Alfons himself with his son Hubertus and brother Karl in August 2013. During these visits, particular attention was given to Casa Cominelli, with its characteristic loggia, described as the “cradle of their ancestors”.