Cheese products

Formagella, stracchino, “formài de mut”, as well as butter and cream, are the products you can find in our area. Healthy food, locally sourced, is the legacy of the long-standing farming tradition of our Alpine people. Stracchino cheese, with its classic square shape and unmistakable flavour, is produced with raw milk and is suitable for short ageing.


Its name comes from the Lombard term “stracch”, because it was once made with milk from cows returning tired from the high pastures. “Formagella”, a cheese with a traditional round shape, is produced with a semi-cooked mix and is suitable for medium ageing. The “Formài de mut”, another cheese with a round shape and cooked mix, is produced only during the grazing season and is suitable for long ageing. And then there is butter and cream, always fundamental condiments in the traditional cuisine of the entire Alpine region.