Gnòch in Còla

A very simple dish typical of the mountain culinary tradition, these dumplings are prepared by kneading just flour, eggs and milk. Subsequently, using a spoon, “un gnoc” is formed one at a time from the dough which, when dropped into boiling water, takes on irregular shapes. Once cooked, they are seasoned with plenty of butter, sage and cheese. For some years now in the village, the Pro Loco and the Lampiusa Folklore Group have brought this ancient dish back into the spotlight, immediately enjoying great public success, attracting enthusiasts from all over the province to Parre.



For pasta:
500 g of flour
1 egg
about 400 ml of milk

For the seasoning:
200 g of butter
grated parmesan cheese such as Grana Padano


To prepare them:
In a saucepan, place flour, add the egg and milk. Mix until you reach a dough that is neither too liquid nor too dense (it should resemble a glue), if necessary, add more milk or flour. Meanwhile, boil water, add salt, when the water boils, add the potatoes cut into pieces (not too large or too small), as soon as it boils again, take a spoon and place the gnocchi until you finish the dough. (occasionally mix everything). Once cooked (about 10 minutes over low heat), carefully remove them from the water with a skimmer.

To season them:
fry the butter with a few sage leaves until the foam completely disappears and the butter turns brown. Drain the GNOCCHI IN COLA and place them in a baking dish, sprinkling them with plenty of cheese. Pour the boiling melted butter over them and serve piping hot.