Feast of scarpinòcc

Parre celebrates its “prized product” with the most prestigious festival in the country, the “Sagra degli Scarpinòcc”, which has been held continuously since 1965 in the third week of August.

Sagra Degli Scarpinòcc (8)

The festival was initially a gathering for families in the town, but over time it has grown to become the flagship event not only in Parre and the Seriana Valley but also in the entire province of Bergamo. The Scarpinòcc festival is entirely dedicated to the typical dish of Parre origin, inspired by the cloth shoes that the women of the town used to sew for their children and grandchildren, the “Scarpinòcc”. These are lean ravioli made with bread and cheese, strictly in the shape of a shoe.

This culinary event attracts thousands of people from all over northern Italy and beyond, representing a magical moment for our village where holidaymakers and locals come together, a source of pride for all those involved in organising the festival.