Pozzi Factory – Electa – Ponte Selva Hamlet

The story begins on 18ᵗʰ November 1889, when the company Fratelli Pozzi was acquired by Pasquale in the municipality of Parre, in the locality of Ponte della Selva, along with the buildings of the “Fucina Nuova”. This term corresponds to lands with a mill and the “water rights” of the Serio River.

Here, our ancestors shaped their ecosystem. Initially, they replaced the outdated hydraulic system, then built houses for workers and employees, a church, a boarding school, later adapted into a school, nursery, and finally an oratory.


Through the efforts of our family, the village of Ponte Selva took shape, a hamlet of the municipalities of Parre and Clusone. The initial plant of Fratelli Pozzi boasted 6,300 ring or ring-spinning spindles and 130 workers, comprised of 35 men and 95 women. The periods of the First and Second World Wars were marked by great difficulties and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, such as the lack of skilled labour and raw materials.

Nevertheless, the company increased its production, employing up to 250 workers, and expanded the existing plant: 4 floors for 18,900 ring-spinning spindles. Additionally, the headquarters were relocated to Milan, the strategic hub of the industrial triangle. In the post-war period, the company continued its development, culminating in the construction of a new spinning mill in Clusone. In 2008, the complete refurbishment of the hydroelectric power plant in Ponte di Selva was completed with the installation of a new turbine and a new state-of-the-art alternator.