Pierina House

The House of Pierina: a place where time stopped in the early 20ᵗʰ century. The owner, known in the village as “la Pierina”, had always lived in this house with her father, a carpenter, and died there in 2010 at the age of 90, leaving her heirs a material legacy that concretely testifies to the lifestyle of the early last century – no gas, no electricity, a straw mattress filled with dry leaves and an outdoor latrine. Pierina Bossetti lived like this until the threshold of the new century.

All the objects and utensils that Pierina used daily remained as she left them, found in the rooms where she used them. You can admire notes and fashion magazines, drawings, lace and ribbons useful for her tailoring work, school notebooks, books she loved to read and booklets of some musical works that testify to her broad interests.

On the desk, we can still find her notes and letters, as a reminder of times gone by, in addition to clothes, embroidered bedspreads, dishes from the 1920s and rural tools for daily life.